A Multitude of Adventures

So my updates to the project I just started have been sparse so far due to my trying to find time for it while on a honeymoon with my wife. I dare say I am pleased however with that I have gotten done so far, building a model of sale based on the Adventure Works Database. Browsing through the data (although I probably shouldn’t be) I am impressed with  the quality and wealth of test data they have crammed in it. It has made me rethink a few things and I am now making a better quality application that would function as more than a proof of concept. I am more or less done with the ability to list and delete sales, I still have to test adding them and then repeat the same process for line items of sales. Once that is complete I’ll have a dynamic warehouse and display for data, so I can start on a controller for the actual business analytics dashboard, which is the purpose of this exercise.

I had planned on spending my Sunday and Monday working on this project  (along with unpacking and general recovery), however as we were traveling back toward home my wife fell prey to appendicitis. She pulled through the surgery with flying colors, and only now do I find myself with enough time to stop worrying about her to instead sit on my computer while I watch her sleep. The trip has otherwise been magnificent, though exhausting to try and see everything. Since this happened shortly after crossing the Canadian Border we are up in Buffalo and will sadly be making the trip home tomorrow, which hopefully won’t give her too much discomfort.