This week at work has been pretty crazy at work, I’ve been scrapping together our Release Management Environment to integrate it with our TFS environment. My coworker and I have come to an agreement on how we think it should be implemented, which means we might actually start getting deployments up and running inside the next month! I’ve also been doing a fair amount of programming to automate our SQL Deployments. I’ve completed the component that verifies the contents of the package to ensure nothing in there should be flagged for review, and I’m now onto the portion that does the heavy lifting.

Aside from that I’ve decided to start giving a monthly segment at work on new technologies to help improve our developer’s skill sets. I’m starting with MVC5 and Angular.js web applications with the hope that it will inspire our developers to get rid of the client footprint. Our developers have a lot of applications that use grids to view and edit information, so I’m thinking of using the MVC Grid, and then an example using NG Grid. I’m likely going to start working it up this weekend, leveraging entity framework. I’m considering trying to connect to an oracle DB, and perhaps trying to give samples with SignalR and D3.js if I can find the time. In the mean time I’ll probably whip up an azure environment to start testing with a new Git Hub Repo.

Now MS Build has also been going on which I’ve been watching. The event has been pretty cool, the highlight in my opinion being the Hololens. I can see myself living in an near empty apartment with just a bed and a couch, then building the rest of my environment virtually. Given I can just stretch a video across my wall, there’s no need for a TV. Attach photos to the walls, plants and organic videos throughout, I can have a view even in the basement. Docker and .Net VNEXT looks great for both development features and deployment, although explaining the benefits of of docker for our business use may be a battle. But paired with Azure pack, I have high hopes for our environment in the future. I look forward to catching up on MSDN and build this weekend, since there’s so much going on I can hardly process it all.

Now just to take a step back to note that where a frothing fan boy, there were a few notable thing that were also worrying. The machine learning (where technically speaking very cool) is also that sort of terrifying where statistical evaluation of habit results in what feels like a violation of privacy. Granted we all aren’t that unique, so perhaps that’s just the angst of having to admit that which inspires my discomfort. The second thing was the carrier billing across all platforms, which I’m sure will lead to all sorts of issues as kids can run up a bill without a credit card.